Arcane Roots talk Blood and Chemistry ahead of Coventry gig

Arcane Roots, who are playing in Coventry next week, named their new album Blood and Chemistry to express the juxtaposition between the certainties in life and the unquatifiable nature of emotions.

Arcane Roots.
Arcane Roots.

So says singer/guitarist Andrew Groves, who spoke to the Courier before the three Surrey lads play at Coventry’s Kasbah as part of a European tour.

“For us, our music is very organic - it’s us,” says the 26-year-old. “It is rock and pop, but there are a lot of other things going on as well.”

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Since releasing Blood and Chemistry, the response has been “more than what we had hoped for,” says Andrew.

“If you spend so much time and energy over something you really care about, that’s really gratifying. We are 100 per cent proud of it and so pleased that other people are too.”

While Andrew says he comes up with most of the “ingredients” for the songs, bandmates drummer Daryl Atkins and bassist Adam Burton work with him to “cook” them up. Andrew says: “Daryl and Adam are my two best friends in the world. We have very similar musical morals and ideas of what music should be like and we push each other further.

“I like the idea that you have chemistry - like the chemistry between us - but you can never successfully describe how they - the emotions - feel.”

Arcane Roots are supporting Coheed & Cambria at the Kasbah on Thursday (November 14). For tickets (£18.50), call 024 7655 4473 or visit