Expectations disrupted in unsettling production at Warwick Arts Centre

TWO people take a rollercoaster ride to the centre of an intensely dark night as they travel through the decimated remains of contemporary culture.

This frightening journey takes audiences between fiction and reality in a new production coming to Warwick Arts Centre next week.

Void Story, by experimental theatre company Forced Entertainment, is performed as if it were a radio play, with the production team sitting at tables, turning the pages of the script, doing the requisite voices and adding in sound effects for gunshots, rain and bad phone-lines.

The otherwise empty stage is dominated by a series of projected images, a storyboard for an impossible movie-version of Tim Etchells’ uniquely unsettling text.

Since forming the company in 1984, the six core members of Forced Entertainment have sustained a unique artistic partnership that delights in disrupting the conventions of theatre - and the expectations of audiences.

Void Story takes the stage on Tuesday and Wednesday at 7.30pm. For tickets, call 024 7652 4524 or go online.