Brits have chosen their favourite festive films

Christmas is a time when we cosy up, hunker down and stay indoors with a good movie always on the family festive agenda.

Home Alone voted top Christmas movie by Brits (photo: Adobe)
Home Alone voted top Christmas movie by Brits (photo: Adobe)

But what do we watch? Well, Brits have now chosen their favourite film for this time of year.

Whichever top ten you look at, Home Alone is the favourite festive movie of all time.

The movie, originally released in December 1990, took 19 per cent of the vote.

The most famous quote from top Christmas movie for Brits Home Alone (photo: Adobe)

The festive favourite beat tough competition from Will Ferrell classic Elf (14 per cent) and festive favourite Love Actually (13 per cent) and Miracle on 34th Street (ten per cent) according to a nationwide study carried out by Showcase Cinemas for the Christmas period.

Home Alone was also named Britain’s favourite Christmas movie of all time to watch and re-watch.

And the best quote is revealed as "Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal" from the same movie, according to a new study by streaming board game Clipology.

In the Showcase Cinema’s survey it was a closely fought race to be named the UK’s favourite film character from a Christmas movie.

Will Ferrel (Elf) when he knows Santa's coming says "I know him" (photo: Adobe)

Will Ferrell’s performance as Buddy saw him land top spot with one in five choosing the eccentric elf as their number one.

Macauley Culkin’s breakout performance as Kevin McCallister (17 per cent) in Home Alone landed in second place.

Action hero John McClane (15 per cent) from Die Hard rounded off the top three.

Not only was Buddy named the favourite character from a Christmas film, he was also named the number one character participants would like to spend Christmas Day with, taking 16 per cent of the vote.

However, in the most controversial reveal from the survey, more than one in five of participants claimed Die Hard is not a Christmas film.

And what is a Christmas flick without Santa Claus? Richard Attenborough’s performance in the 1994 remake of Miracle on 34th Street, which the UK named its favourite Santa, taking over a quarter of the vote (26 per cent).

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The Clipology survey found other British favourites to re-watch at Christmas include Elf (24 per cent), The Polar Express (13 per cent) and A Christmas Carol (18 per cent).

Further polling reveals more than half (53 per cent) of Brits love to re-watch the same Christmas movies year on year to get them into the festive spirit.

In addition, a new study by Boohoo reveals most popular Christmas jumpers inspired by Christmas movies, tops themed from Dr Seuss’ The Grinch proving most popular alongside those featuring Die Hard, Home Alone and Gremlins.