Leamington art group seeks to challenge status quo

Seventeen artists have come together to “challenge the status quo” and refresh the high street art scene in a new Leamington-based project.

Moor Street Station by Matt Howe.
Moor Street Station by Matt Howe.

Fine art graduate Matt Howe and his business partner Kate Bramwell came up with the concept of artists’ group Gallery Squared, which has attracted the interest of artists both from the Midlands and beyond. And now they are seeking to find a permanent space in Leamington.

Matt said: “Gallery Squared artists are of a very broad range of styles and all of our artists create and complete their own artworks, produce work of the utmost quality, and are truly talented in their field of art.

“We choose to represent on ability instead of the usual brand names and feel we are challenging the status quo and in doing this, we hope to inject refreshment into the monotonous high street art scene.

“With many chain galleries, the ethos appears to be almost mechanical. We are hoping to bring opportunity to local artists and customers, offering representation based on a person’s ability, not their qualification or name.”


He added: “We feel it’s about time that the pomposity of the branded art scene is challenged and that Leamington, with its enviable and thriving existing art market, is the best place to start.”

The group is currently displaying works at the Lounge bar in the Parade, Leamington. To find out more about Gallery Squared, visit www.gallerysquared.co.uk