‘Lowry’ mural depicts Lillington life

YOUNG artists at Lillington Youth Centre have been working on a piece which shows the area in a way never seen before.

More than 30 club members from different backgrounds are creating a mural inspired by the style of the late Lancashire artist L S Lowry, which depicts the way of life of people who live in the community.

They started the project by taking photos of parts of the area including houses, parks and shops and by studying people’s actions.

Hollie Hutchings, the youth centre manager, said: “They are showing everything which exists in the area but in a different order and have made their own Lillington.

“It has helped them to develop relationships within the community.

“It has also raised their self-esteem and taught them about teamwork and compromise.

“Lillington sometimes gets a bit of bad press but it is a lovely place to live and the sense of community really comes across in this work.”

Artist Tony Dixon, who worked with the club on a Claude Monet-style mural last year, has been helping the youngsters.

The club’s long-term plan is to cover the area with a wide range of art for the community.

The mural is due to be completed next year and will be displayed in Crown Way.

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