Pope accepts Leamington artist’s gift

A PAINTING of Mary Magdalene by Leamington artist Jean-Pierre Kunzler has been accepted by the Pope.

In a letter of acceptance of the painting sent by the self-taught artist, Vatican assessor Peter Wells wrote: “The Holy Father wishes me to express his gratitude for your kind letter and the gift of your artwork. He appreciates your thoughtful gesture. His Holiness will remember you in his prayers and he invokes upon you God’s blessings of joy and peace.”

Jean-Pierre, who has been painting for more than 25 years, says of his work: “My aim is always to show the feelings of the human existence - to capture that which is almost impossible to capture. I believe that if I can show an emotion or atmosphere in a painting and the person who looks at the work can feel this, I have painted well.”

To see more of Jean-Pierre’s work, go online.


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