Quartet give Warwick audience an exciting afternoon

Heath Quartet, Bridge House Theatre, Warwick, January 13.

Their afternoon began at 2pm with an induction to Tippett’s String Quartet production, especially No 3 with its ‘incredible moments of such beauty in its palindromic form’. Oliver Heath advised us to ‘do penance with Tippett allowing it to wash over us’ – as we will be rewarded later with the Beethoven.

At 3pm Heath began their concert with Mozart’s Quartet in E flat, the Tippett before the interval and the Beethoven reward, his Quartet in C – one of three composed in 1806. Their marathon effort then continued until 7pm with a workshop for quartets, piano trios and chamber ensembles from local schools including Kings High and Warwick. What a joy and thrill to be involved in a masterclass and be coached and inspired by such gifted musicians. Congratulations to Leamington Music’s ongoing education project.

Heath began life at Royal Northern, inspired by Dr Christopher Rowland. From college they soon graduated to Young Concert Artists Trust (YCAT), and will soon undertake Tippett and Bartók cycles at Wigmore Hall, debut visits to the Louvre and to the USA. The polish of their performance was abundantly clear thanks to remarkably well blended and well balanced delivery. The highly polished patent leather shoes were also noticed.

Oliver Heath’s leading was closely watched by second violin Cerys Jones and viola Gary Pomeroy. But the most polished star belonged to Christopher Murray, whose cello playing had plenty of fire when required and great colour too.


Heath’s remarkable capabilities must surely make it one of the very best of their generation - they gave us an exciting and demanding Sunday afternoon. They are up there with the Danish String Quartet in terms of future potential.

Clive Peacock