Real-life sorcery and witchcraft in Warwickshire writer’s new book

If you have confined tales of sorcery and witchcraft to fiction, the latest memoirs by former development worker and Fenny Compton man Ian Mathie will make you think again.

Ian Mathie with one of his previous African memoirs.
Ian Mathie with one of his previous African memoirs.

Ian, who has already written four books relating to his real-life encounters during his time on the African continent during the 1970s, has now completed his fifth: Sorcerers and Orange Peel.

He said: “As the fifth in the series it is quite different from the others and touches on aspects of life in rural Africa that are still quite strong, but also undergoing a lot of changes due to the influx of modern ideas and technology. I thought it was worth preserving the memory of how things used to be, while recounting some interesting incidents.”

The paperback is available on Amazon, on Kindle and to order from most book shops.