Take a trip back as dancing girls comes to Warwick

MEDIEVAL music group Joglaresa will bring on the dancing girls in a new programme as part of their fifth appearance in Warwick today (Tuesday).

The Dancing Girls of Granada will transport the audience to Arab-Andulasia when Muslim Spain was not only a cultural centre in the Arab world but also exerted a great influence on the rest of Europe.

All this was changed in the late 15th century when Muslims and Jews were expelled from Spain, but the music lives on and can still be heard today, not only around the Mediterranean, but wherever the Jews and Muslims have moved to.

The word Joglaresa means a professional singing girl and three of the group’s six musicians, the director Belinda Sykes, Avivit Caspi who is from Israel and Ruth Fraser will sing the Arab, Hebrew and Christian songs in the concert.

Ruth Fraser also plays the harp joining Jean Kelly, the principal harpist in Joglaresa.

Tim Garside plays percussion, dulcimer and nay and Stuart Hall the oud, guitar and kemence.

The concert will be the second in Leamington Music’s monthly Early Music series in the town.

Richard Phillips, of Leamington music, said: “The last time Joglaresa was in Warwick was for a Christmas concert when we heard wonderful medieval carols and the atmosphere in St Mary’s was very special.

“Belinda Sykes’s group has been developing over twenty years and the instruments from Africa and elsewhere that they bring and the range of experience of the musicians is extraordinary.

“Jean Kelly, who is from Ireland, is on the soundtrack of The Lord of the Rings, Tim Garside has played with a leading Egyptian band and Stuart Hall is a well known jazz guitarist and double bass.”

Joglaresa will give a short lunchtime concert at Warwick School today from 1.15pm and an evening concert at St Mary’s church from 7.30pm.

Tickets are on sale at the Bridge House Theatre, the church gift shop and Warwick tourist information centre.

Call 776438 or visit www.bridgehousetheatre.co.uk

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