The Boy is coming to Leamington

THE Boy who intrigued and entertained audiences across the world with his unique blend of silent comedy, mime, vaudeville and puppetry is back - and he’s coming to Leamington.

New Zealand stand-up Sam Wills - aka The Boy With Tape On His Face - is touring round the country with his new show, More Tape, that arrives at Leamington town hall on October 17.

The silent world inherent in Wills’ shows is a perfect antidote to the plethora of motor-mouth comics who tend to dominate the circuit.

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What started as a challenge to himself to stage a show with words quickly grew into a global phenomenon, leading to awards, stellar reviews, sell-out tours in the UK and New Zealand, high profile television appearances - and even a video game and pilot for the BBC.

Sam’s debut show five star reviews and an Edinburgh Comedy Award nomination for ‘best newcomer’ and his tour of the UK, Ireland, Europe amd South Africa was an instant sell out.

The uplifting show has now been updated and among the quirky numbers to look out for are the Boy having a gunfight, battling Darth Vader and bringing John Lennon back to life.

Tickets are now available. Call 0845 218 3540 or go online.