The Enemy are coming

THE Enemy made plenty of friends when they burst into the charts six years ago and they will be reunited with some of them in Leamington next month.

The Coventry rockers had massive success in 2006 with the release of their debut album ‘We’ll Live and Die in These Towns’ when they were still too young to vote and they have returned with their third offering, Streets in the Sky, and are taking this new material on the road.

Ahead of their gig at the Assembly on Thursday October 4, outspoken frontman Tom Clarke has highlighted why the band will always strike the right note with fans.

He said: “There’s been a huge toilet bowl of sick for a while, there’s a load of rubbish in the charts.

“But there’s now a proper hunger for musicians playing proper music on real instruments and singing live.

“That’s what we do and that’s what the bands we respect do.”

We’ll Live and Die in These Towns and Away from Here, released in 2007, became anthems for a generation.

Since then the band have gone on to play with Paul Weller and Oasis and have sold out the Ricoh arena.

But they have refused to rest on their laurels and have produced a record of ‘top quality rock n roll’, which they say is their best to date.

Liam Watts, the band’s drummer said: “You get something different from this kind of music, it’s not the same with the other stuff.

“There’s a sense of belonging.

“What we’ve made is an absolute no apologies guitar album, it’s just a three piece playing and thrashing some guitars out,”

The Enemy are utterly unapologetic about their roots in Coventry.

Their connection with the city runs deep and they could fill the Ricoh Arena at short notice.

It’s that understanding of their upbringing that has provided the inspiration for the album’s title.

Andy Hopkins, the band’s bassist, said: “There was a documentary called Streets in The Sky on TV about huge tower blocks in Sheffield,

“It was council housing, like streets disappearing high into the sky.

“We are proud of being working class, there’s beauty and colour and light in life and that’s regardless of class.”

The gig starts at 7pm and support will be provided by The Angry Bombs and Pint Shot Riot.

Tickets cost £17.50.

Call 311311 or visit