Warwick Arts Centre exhibition explores the workplace

WARWICK Arts Centre’s Mead Gallery is hosting an exhibition which explores the workplace as a universal experience which cuts across political and geographical boundaries.

Through film works selected from across the globe by leading artists, Workplace explores the frustration and alienation of a contemporary workforce removed from the true seats of power but also the often humorous strategies for survival and expressions of individualism that prevail. During Workplace, the Mead Gallery is encouraging visitors to use the gallery as their own workplace, to have working and non-working lunches in there and to make use of desks and meeting spaces that will be made available to them.

The Gallery will also be hosting a number of special events, including an illustrated talk by the artist Paul Harrison, an office party and curator-led office tours. A Family Art Day offers visitors the opportunity to make their own artworks out of office stationery and, on Saturday February 2, Odd Comic Holly Bodmer and Dot Howard will be presenting the site-specific comic performance Would Be Nice Though… which immerses audiences in the tense atmosphere of a waiting room during the job interview process.

The exhibition will run from Wednesday January 9 to Saturday March 9. For more information visit www.warwickartscentre.co.uk

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