Creative Hillmorton woman turns childhood hobby into crafty business

Alison makes unique gifts for all occasions

Alison works from her home in Hillmorton.
Alison works from her home in Hillmorton.

Creative Hillmorton woman Alison Clarke has turned her childhood hobby into a crafty business.

Born into a large family, Alison often had to make her own entertainment as a young girl.

As her skills developed, she went on to make unique gifts for family and friends.

Perfect pumpkins for Halloween.

So positive was the feedback that she decided to expand the idea.

Alison said: “I come from a large family and even as a child I was always making things. Once I was married and had children, money was a little tight, so I was always looking at different ways to create gifts.”

Alison, who has her own Facebook page – Alison’s Flandles – makes seasonal and novelty gifts.

She said: “I started my business seven years ago after making a large number of unique Christmas presents for my nieces and nephews.

One of Alison's creations.

“It’s very therapeutic and I meet some lovely and interesting customers.”

Alison, who is married, makes Christmas lanterns, bottle lights, designs onto led candles, memorial led candles and keepsake sheds.

"I’m a florist, so I also create bouquets, flower arrangements and wedding flowers too,” she added.

"Now I look after my elderly father, I find crafting very calming. I run various workshops and would urge others to have a go at it too.”

See Alison's Flandles on FB for more gifts.

Visit Alison’s Flandles on Facebook to see more of Alison’s work.

Hands-on activities can lower stress levels, express creativity, ease symptoms of depression and improve mood. Crafting can be an enjoyable way to promote positive thoughts, behaviours and emotions.

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