Fed-up Rugby residents waiting over month for faulty landlines to be fixed

Disruption caused to 600 homes
An illustration picture of engineers. Picture: Getty.An illustration picture of engineers. Picture: Getty.
An illustration picture of engineers. Picture: Getty.

Fed-up Openreach customers in Rugby have been without their telephone landlines for over a month.

Damage to underground cables caused disruption to phones and broadband in 600 homes.

Babs Archer, of St Anne’s Road, said: “Some of us have been waiting for over a month now and we’re getting a little brassed off.

"After our telephone line went down, we kept getting told that it was going to be fixed. It’s still not fixed.”

She said residents have been experiencing crossed lines.

"I don’t like using my mobile, I want to use my home telephone,” Babs added.

"My niece telephoned me to see if the landline was back on and it went through to someone else’s number. I can ring out, but people can’t contact me.”

She said people might need to contact loved ones in an emergency.

"What the hell are they playing at?”

A spokesperson for Openreach said engineers have been trying to resolve the issue.

They said: “Our engineers have been working really hard in and around St Anne’s Road, after a number of our underground cables were accidentally damaged by a 3rd party. Phone and broadband to more than 600 homes was disrupted at one point.

“We’ve been busy repairing the damage, replacing the cables and connecting everyone back up again. Most of the work is done and the majority of those affected should now be able to use their broadband again.

“However, after major engineering works like this, we do occasionally get people reporting crossed lines in the area. This is the case here and we’re working through the reports as quickly as possible. Thank you to everyone who’s taken the time to contact their service provider (the company they pay for phone/broadband) to report the issue, and we ask anyone who hasn’t to do so immediately. This is the quickest way to get it fixed.

“We’re very sorry for any inconvenience caused and our engineers remain working in the local area to resolve any outstanding issues.”