Healthy eating can boost employees’ energy levels

A Warwick-based business has been helping local companies boost productivity and reduce absenteeism by providing healthy eating workshops for staff.

One such company has reported that 85 per cent of its people taking part in the programme have improved energy levels.

More than 185 million working days are lost each year in the UK due to ill health, at a cost of £17.3 billion to the economy.

The Healthy Employee, based in Warwick, is run by nutrition experts who enable companies to improve the health, energy and productivity of their people which can transform the atmosphere of the workplace and help employees to achieve a high level of personal performance, both at work and in their personal lives.

Anna Mason, managing director of The Healthy Employee, said: “The demands of work can have a considerable impact on employees’ eating habits.


“Many people will skip breakfast or lunch because of a long commute or time constraints at work and will feel sluggish later in the day as a result.

“Similarly, drinking excessive amounts of caffeine is very common in office environments to boost energy, but can actually be detrimental to performance.

“We demystify healthy eating and educate people in the practicalities of fitting it into their working and family life, whether it’s energising breakfasts, brain-boosting lunches or choosing healthy snacks.”