"Heartbroken" Rugby mum left fearing for baby girl's health after moving into council property with mould and damp

“We are living like animals and nobody will help”

Clover keeps warm.
Clover keeps warm.

A “heartbroken" Rugby mum with a mental health disorder said she fears for her baby girl’s health after moving into a council property with mould and condensation.

Winter Williams, mother to seven-month-old daughter Clover, said she has to work non-stop to keep on top of the issues.

"We are living like animals and feel like nobody will help.” said Winter.

Pictures of Winter's property.

"I’m heartbroken.”

She said the mould needs wiping daily and water leaks into her bedroom under the walls.

Winter added: “I keep scrubbing the mould away and just hope my daughter won’t suffer any health implications from living like this.”

The mum, who has a diagnosed personality disorder, said her problems started last December.

Mum Winter Williams.

“I have had ongoing issues and sought the help of the MP to try and share awareness of how the borough council actually treats vulnerable adults,” she said.

“I was originally supposed to be moved due to domestic violence and the council left me to endure another three seperate incidences despite being told by social workers and police about my personal circumstances. They ignored me repeatedly.”

Winter said she feels like she’s letting her little girl down living in the property.

She said: “How can I feel like a good parent stuck raising my daughter here? I didn’t ask for a mansion or extras or expect sympathy. What I wanted was what the council were supposed to offer me based on my needs. Somewhere warm and dry that I could make a home for my baby.

Pictures of Winter's property.

“Respiratory problems in children are caused by these kinds of living environments. I know mould can be so bad for babies and it’s worrying me every day at the moment. She’s still so tiny and vulnerable. It’s just so shocking that they have tried to conceal it rather than fix it.”

Winter said she spends time maintaing the property that she should be spending with her little girl.

"We should be looking forward to Christmas,” she added.

"I can’t get in the festive spirit with all this going on.”

Pictures of Winter's property.

We have contacted Rugby Borough Council who said ‘an inspection of the property is scheduled for this afternoon’ (Tuesday).