Leamington farmer joins ‘Monitor Farm’ scheme

Leamington farmer Rob Fox is one of eight UK arable farmers to join the HGCA ‘Monitor Farm’ scheme aiming to help farmers develop their businesses sustainably.

HGCA Monitor Farms are hubs for groups of like-minded growers, allowing farmers to share experiences and business information, and encouraging the adoption of new technology and innovative practices.

Rob Fox has been farm manager at T I Evans and Son for four years, and is responsible for 400ha split between land extending from Squab Hall on Harbury Lane to Chesterton, and rented fields near Ufton and Southam. The farm grows wheat for animal feed, winter barley, oilseed rape and spring beans.

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Rob said: “In the last four years we’ve had two very good years but in between we’ve had two shockers, and the last two years were appalling for us. We’re hoping to get things back on track this year. I thought the Monitor Farm scheme was a fantastic opportunity to really have a good look at the business and see where we can make some savings and efficiencies; things we’re doing right; things we’re doing wrong.”

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