Lightbulb idea becomes a business reality for husband and wife team from Leamington

New light company Arcform designs and handcrafts lights in Leamington

Steve and Jenny Hughes.

A lightbulb idea has become a business reality for a husband and wife team from Leamington.

After financial pressures during Covid, Steve and Jenny Hughes's family encouraged them to pursue an idea they have had bubbling away for a while - a lighting company.

And so Arcform was founded this year, a business that designs and handcrafts lights in Leamington.

Arcform designs and handcrafts lights in Leamington.

The couple said they had become frustrated at the lack of quality of many mass produced products combined with the poor customer service.

Jenny said: "There are very few 'truly' British lighting companies, most are mass produced and imported in large quantities from China.

"Now more than ever is the time to support local and British business. Locally in Leamington there are so many talented people."

Steve is an engineer and has worked at some of the most iconic British engineering businesses, a journey that has taken him from £1million supercars to tractors and electric cars with supersonic energy storage.

He added: "Sustainability is something we are very conscious of - 90 per cent of what we consume in the UK is imported.

"The average consumer product in the UK travels 2,300 miles by plane and sea with every mile a cost to the environment.

"Our products are made in the UK and we strive to minimise our environmental footprint. Shipping products all around the world has an environmental cost."