Joanne with some of the tools she works with.

Meet the wise woman of Rugby who uses ancient modalities of healing to gather like-minded souls

Joanne helps women regain their power and heal wounds

Meet the ‘white witch’ of Rugby who is helping to heal like-minded souls in search of inner wisdom of ancient ways in a modern world.

Joanne Gillibrand doesn’t always wear black while walking the streets at night in a pointy hat with her broomstick.

But she does have a broomstick. She also has a cauldron, but you won’t find her casting spells with newts’ eyes and bats’ wings.

Joanne, who runs Tree of Life Holistics, has taken Rugby by storm. She brings together women from all walks of life with a common goal of seeking a different perspective on the modern narrative of what it is to be a Woman in the 21st century.

She came to Rugby when she was pregnant with her twins. She didn’t know anyone at that time, but knew that she had to create the community she longed for.

Having attended The Goddess Temple in Glastonbury for 20 years and inspired by her teacher Kathy Jones (Goddess Temple Founder), she longed to establish a similar safe space for women here in Rugby.

Joanne set up a Holistic Clinic and then gathered women in groups. The Red Tent was then formed, allowing women to come and be supported by a sisterhood.

She said: “We offer a space for authentic compassion and peace in a world dominated by patriarchal narratives. This enables women to regain their power and heal their wounds through conversation, meditation and kind actions.”

Joanne runs workshops focusing on spirituality, theosophy and ancient practices.

She added: “Drum circles have been scientifically shown to have a positive physiological effect on the body and offers a deeper level of meditation and devotional practice. We sing, we chant , we move and we drum.”

Joanne offers meditation classes and Soundbath sessions to help alleviate stress and tension.

Sound healing is a form of healing that uses different vibrations to re-set the body, mind and spirit. It works on two principles: That different emotions vibrate at different levels, and that blocked, or unexpressed emotions, are the main source of dis-ease.

Her daughter was born with a rare brain disorder called Agenisis of The Corpus Callosum. Joanne feels some mothers are forgotten and ‘left behind’ when their child has additional needs.

“I feel that society has a long way to go to fulfil its holistic obligations to mothers, especially those who have children with additional needs,” Joanne went on.

"I see many women in my treatment room who are broken by a system that is not fit for purpose. I have felt it myself. This is what galvanises me into action. It is a call to all women to step up and look after one another” .

What does Joanne think when people call her the ‘w’ word?

“I see being called a witch as a positive,” she said.

“They were the powerful women; the healers, the teachers, the midwives, the pharmacists blending the original medicines. I prefer Priestess, but I often laugh and say ‘yes, OK you can call me A witch.”

To book a session with Joanne, who is a member of The Complementary Medical Association and International Institute of Health and Holistic Therapists, visit Tree of Life Holistics Rugby on Facebook and Instagram. Telephone 07982141334.

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