New Rugby-based distillery captures the spirit of our town's history with 'Rugby Gin'

The distillery plans to launch even more spirits based on our town's history

Left to right: Rob Riddell, Emma Riddell, Bella Riddell, Millie Riddell and Richard Wilson.
Left to right: Rob Riddell, Emma Riddell, Bella Riddell, Millie Riddell and Richard Wilson.

A new distillery based in Rugby borough is celebrating the history of the town and the sport with a range of spirits, including a selection of gins inspired by William Webb Ellis.

Rugby Distillery, based in Harborough Magna, has just launched its first line of products, Rugby Gin.

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The spirits, which are made in small batches using locally-sourced ingredients, are named: 1823 Dry, 1878 Navy Strength and Rhubarb.

The first three gins were launched on August 6.

Explaining the inspiration William Webb Ellis provided, a spokesperson for the distillery said: "1823 - the year William Webb Ellis picked up the football and ran with it at Rugby school.

"This significant and monumental moment in time created the game of rugby. Webb Ellis was a rule-breaker, a pioneer, a trailblazer, a disruptor, an inventor - someone who decided to change things up and in doing so created a whole new way of doing things.

"Just like William Webb Ellis was a rule-breaker, so too is the Rugby Distillery.

"Rugby Distillery pays its respects to tradition whilst embracing the unconventional.

"All Rugby Gin products are created and crafted in the fields of Rugby and as a brand, Rugby Distillery plans to carry on the spirit of a schoolboy who picked up a ball and ran with it."

Richard Wilson, the owner of Rugby Distillery, along with his sister Emma were inspired by their hometown’s history and the love of rugby as a game that they have channelled into their brand.

He said: “We have grown up in Rugby and our family has close ties to our local Rugby Club.

We’re proud of our hometown and the game that was invented here, and we want to create a brand that is something our town can be proud off.

"Our aim is to employ local people, work with local businesses and help the community as much as possible.

"All our gins are produced using small batch production methods, resulting in the highest quality spirits and a smoother tasting experience.

"Our goal moving forward is to create unique flavours and new spirits that celebrate Rugby as a sport, the town itself and its heritage.

"We plan to add more gins to our current line up of three and intend on adding vodka and rum to our range of spirits in the future.”

Rugby Distillery launched its first three gins nationally on August 6, with plans to expand its range - from additional gin flavours to different spirits.