New Warwick-based business hopes to help small and medium sized businesses access funding

The new invoice finance company has been co-founded by Paul Stokes and Kirsty Ibbotson

Paul Stokes and Kirsty Ibbotson who have co-founded a new invoice finance company, called FlexABL. Photo supplied

A business dedicated to helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) access vital funds to develop and grow has launched in Warwick

Paul Stokes and Kirsty Ibbotson have co-founded a new invoice finance company, called FlexABL, and have opened their headquarters at Lake View House in Wilton Drive in Warwick.

The duo have a combined 35 years of commercial finance experience in aiding the development and growth of the UK’s SME community.

Their new venture will see them providing finance to small to medium sized businesses that are looking to boost their cash flow or invest to aid future growth.

Paul said: “SMEs are the backbone of the UK economy, so it is vital that we are supporting them now more than ever to ensure both they and the country business community bounce back

stronger from the pandemic.

“Many of the bigger banks and our competitors are moving out of the smaller business space, making it more difficult for smaller businesses to achieve their aims - whether that is investing in equipment or staff to diversify and grow, or simply seeking some short-term cash flow relief to remain stable.

“Businesses have received commendable government support over the past year, but they now need further funding to help them thrive in the long-term, which is where FlexABL can play a vital role in providing that launchpad for future growth.

“I’m really excited at the prospect of working alongside Kirsty to help companies across the country to bounce back from the pandemic.”

FlexABL will be helping SMEs to access funding by providing finance against their 'trade receivables'.

Kirsty added: “Combining the latest technology with a personalised service that is tailored to each business owner’s needs and circumstances is key to our business, and is an approach we feel will stand our clients in good stead.

“Although our headquarters are based in Warwick we very much pride ourselves on having nationwide presence given both mine and Paul’s wide-ranging experience within the commercial

finance industry.

"We already have a number of clients on board, and we are looking forward to a strong year of growth ahead with further plans to recruit over the coming months.”

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