Och aye! Yelvertoft mum's first column of 2022 from The Countryside Kitchen encourages readers to give haggis a try

Yelvertoft mother Milly Fyfe is a farmer's wife who has two young boys.
Why not give haggis a try this year?Why not give haggis a try this year?
Why not give haggis a try this year?

The family live on a livestock and arable farm.

Here's her latest column for The Gusher.

Have you set yourself any New Year’s resolutions?

Milly Fyfe.Milly Fyfe.
Milly Fyfe.

For me, I want to continue to promote eating seasonally, reducing food waste by making meals with what you’ve got in the cupboard and supporting local producers. And I want to put time aside to spend time with my family in the garden rather than living such a fast-paced lifestyle all the time.

What does shopping locally and supporting British producers mean to me? It doesn’t mean that ever single thing I buy is from a farm shop or independent food store. To me, shopping local and buying British means having the milkman deliver us milk, having a tasty joint of roast beef on a Sunday that will last for two more meals, and being mindful of the seasons and not buying food that’s been shipped from across the world.

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Furthermore, it’s buying what I can afford but not scrimping on quality, which is why I’m such a fan of batch cooking and using a slow cooker to enjoy cheaper cuts of meat which require that extra time to cook but the flavour is out of this world!!

Get some beef shin, carrots, potato, thyme, onion and stock and leave all day in a slow cooker and you’ll have yourself a hearty beef stew by teatime. And your house will smell divine.

Another firm favourite in our household is haggis. Now it’s probably not the most glamorous of dishes or mealtime favourites but even my kids enjoy the taste.

These days you can pick up haggis in the supermarket all year round for £2 a packet which will feed a family of four with ease. What’s more is that it’s so easy to prepare as it only require five minutes in the microwave rather than two hours on the boil, a throwback from yesteryear.

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I serve haggis with mashed potato and peas with beef gravy which is so easy. When my kids were really young I even cut myself some slack and used frozen microwave mashed potato.

With Burns night around the corner, why not give haggis a go?

My husband and I love haggis so much we even had a haggis for our wedding breakfast starter. Try a dollop of haggis with some mozzarella and cranberry sauce wrapped in filo pastry as a canapé starter...

January is also the month to celebrate regenuary, a campaign which promotes sustainable food production, and I couldn’t be a bigger advocate of this.

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Wave goodbye to avocados shipped from across the world and enjoy cauliflowers grown in Lincolnshire, beef and lamb reared in the fields a stone's throw away as well as cultivated potatoes and grain milled locally.

You can find out more about the campaign here.

What will you be cooking in January? Drop me a line @millyfyfe or interact on my food blog No Fuss Meals For Busy Parents