Plea for Rugby people to give back to the selfless businessman who has helped feed thousands of hungry schoolchildren

A £10,000 appeal has been launched to help a businessman who has given so much to the people of Rugby.

Andreas Kattou.
Andreas Kattou.
Andreas Kattou.

Funds are being raised after a recent fire at Fish Plus chippy in Bilton Road.

Owner Andreas Kattou has helped thousands of schoolchildren by giving out free food and special goodie bags over the years.

Now appeal organiser Brian Lowe is asking people to give back to the man who has so selflessly come to the aid of others in times of need.

Fire crews at the scene of the blaze at Fish Plus.
Fire crews at the scene of the blaze at Fish Plus.
Fire crews at the scene of the blaze at Fish Plus.

He said: “Right, Rugby town, it’s time to give back to the man who continuously helps those in need. During the lockdown he gave out free meals to people who needed extra support due to the Covid crisis. Andreas continues to support kids in need by offering £1 meals during the school holidays.”

The well-known chippy owner has been left out of pocket because of insurance issues.

Brian went on: “Andreas had the misfortune of his beloved chip shop setting on fire, so now is the time we can show him our appreciation for his support of our home town.

"Let’s get him back on his feet and back to business by donating what you can to help this awesome person.”

Andreas said he was ‘humbled’ by the support he’s received back from the community.

He said: "I really am so humbled. People’s support means the absolute world to me.”

The appeal has raised more than £1,500 so far and will go towards repairs and loss of earnings.

"Brian is one of our customers,” Andreas went on.

"He was so kind to set up a Go Fund Me to help us as the insurance didn’t want to pay out and I can’t believe how much it’s raised already. The support we’ve been getting is amazing.”

Andreas, who launched a charity called ‘Sharing is Caring, Serve our Nation’ would like thank everybody who has donated.

“You know us guys here,” said Andreas.

"We are all about giving to the community and helping them as it’s them who keep our business going; but for them to go above and beyond and support us even more, it’s just overwhelming.”

To donate to Fish Plus, visit