Rugby-based hotel marketing firm wins world-class industry award... for the third year running

Judges were very impressed with the team's work

The UP Hotel Agency team celebrate their achievement.

A Rugby-based hotel agency has won a prestigious industry award for the third year running.

Earlier this month UP Hotel Agency was awarded the ‘Best Hotel and Lodging Website’ at the globally-renowned WebAwards competition.

This year the web agency secured the title as a result of its work for the luxury boutique hotel, The Hari.

The website scored an impressive 68.5 points out of a possible 70, which is more than 10 points above industry average, and achieved full marks for its ease of use, interactivity, copywriting and technology.

Rugby man David Ohandjanian, who founded UP Hotel Agency in 2014, said: “I am so proud that the team has been awarded the ‘Best Hotel and Lodging Website’ for their work on The Hari.

"It is a huge accomplishment to be recognised yet again as the best in the hospitality industry and to sit amongst other top global digital agencies.

"It also demonstrates the hard work, exceptional design, and results that we have worked hard to deliver for the client.

“It goes without saying that it is great to have such positive feedback from industry experts but our real satisfaction comes from knowing that we have created a website that our clients around the world are proud to share and, more importantly, achieves amazing results.

"Also, being a Rugby-based business ourselves, receiving a globally recognised award is not only testament to our team, but to the talent that we have in our local studio.”