Rugby clean up crew work through night to rid tonnes of rubbish from A46

‘Total weight of litter collected on a par with a pair of rhinoceroses’

Crews from Rugby Borough Council cleared rubbish on a par with two rhinoceroses dumped by motorists on the A46.

They collected four-and-a-half tonnes of trash during the litter pick, which was carried out over four consecutive nights on stretches of the dual carriageway which run through the borough.

Temporary road closures allowed the crews to carry out the pick safely.

Crews clear up the A46.Crews clear up the A46.
Crews clear up the A46.

The vast majority of litter retrieved was takeaway cups and packaging, drink cans, bottles and crisp packets.

Claire Preston, Rugby Borough Council chief officer for operations and traded services, said: "Every motorist who throws rubbish from a vehicle makes an unwelcome contribution to the mountain of rubbish which builds on our roadsides every year, damaging our environment, draining our resources and putting our crews which pick up the litter in danger.

"The knock-on effect of sending crews out to litter pick the A46 overnight was our regular collections of litter and dog bins had to be pushed back, with other crews diverted to catch up with the work - all for the sake of motorists who find it easier to throw rubbish out of a window rather than take it home and dispose of it safely and responsibly."

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