The fall of another of Rugby's brutalist monsters? Aldi launches plan to demolish block and build a supermarket

Rugby’s Cemex building on Evereux Way could be the latest of Rugby’s brutalist buildings to face demolition, with plans to replace it with a supermarket.

The brutalist structure has always divided opinion.
The brutalist structure has always divided opinion.

Just like Rugby’s brutalist extravaganza Biart Place, Cemex House has divided opinion since it was built – and now it might be set to share the same fate as the demolished blocks.

Supermarket chain Aldi is presently seeking residents’ views on a proposal to demolish the tower and replace it with an Aldi branch – complete with 93 parking spaces.

The proposal comes as Cemex prepares to move out of the building.

A map outline Aldi's proposals - with Corporation Street to the left and Evereux Way at the top.

The chain said the plan would cost more than £5m, create up to 45 jobs and, in a move that might allay traffic concerns, access will be from Corporation Street – though one exit from the car park would feed into Evereux Way.

A spokesperson said: “Aldi is undertaking a Transport Assessment as part of the planning application.

"This will establish if there are any traffic impacts of the proposed development and consider whether there is a need for mitigation.

“The assessment will look at the operation of local roads both with and without the proposed development in place.

"The scope of this assessment will be agreed with the Council’s Highways officer.”

The proposal is the latest in a series of plans that could radically alter the appearance of the town centre – from the Mcdonald’s built next to the site on Evereux Way, to the proposal to demolish a section of Rugby Central and replace it with brick-built blocks that would line North Street.

You can view Aldi’s plans (and have your say) by visiting: