"We have a lot of work to do, starting now" - Labour gains take Rugby Borough Council to ‘no overall control’

Labour made five pledges to 'Renew Rugby Together':1. Restore pride in our town2. Protect & improve our environment3. Improve local health & public services4. Focus on education and youth engagement5. Ensure housing is for the community
Cllr Maggie O'RourkeCllr Maggie O'Rourke
Cllr Maggie O'Rourke

Rugby Labour is well placed to drive forward its manifesto pledges after a positive campaign secured two gains from the Conservatives.

Labour has closed a 20% gap in share of the vote in two years, and is set to become the largest single party by share of the vote.

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Leader of the Labour Group on Rugby Borough Council, Cllr Maggie O’Rourke (Benn Ward) said: “I want to thank people across Rugby Borough who have put their trust in us to deliver the change that they clearly want after so many years of the Conservatives running the Council. Voters have sent a clear message to the Conservatives: the people of Rugby know that they deserve better.

Seb Lowe.Seb Lowe.
Seb Lowe.

“They want Councillors with the vision, skills, and commitment to the community that will be necessary to rebuild after the complacency and laziness of the Tory years. I’m delighted for our newly elected Councillors. Their diverse backgrounds reflect our dynamic and growing borough and their wide range of professional skills mean that our Group on the Council will be even better equipped to take on the challenges of rebuilding after the damage done by the Conservatives locally and nationally through cuts and underinvestment.”

“We’ve campaigned positively on how we would renew Rugby together with the community if we formed an administration. There will inevitably be a period of uncertainty given that the Council is now in ‘no overall control’. I want to assure residents that Rugby Labour’s group of Councillors will continue the positive, business-like approach we’ve taken that combines our commitment to transparency, partnership with stakeholders, and efficiency with our deep understanding of the community’s needs and commitment to a fairer society.

Labour’s newly elected Councillor for Admirals & Cawston ward, Cllr Louise Robinson said: “As a Rugby resident of 27 years I’m really happy that the town that it has backed Labour today. It’s good to see this replicated around the country. So many young people I know are disillusioned with politics, so I’m looking forward to doing what I can to get them more engaged in politics. I’m also hoping to take forward our agenda of protecting the environment and the green belt.

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Labour’s newly elected Councillor for Coton & Boughton, Cllr Senthil Periasamy said: “I’m overwhelmed by the support I received from the people of Coton and Boughton. We have a lot of work to do now, to improve the standard of living for residents, and I’m ready to get going, starting now.”

Newly elected Labour Councillor for Newbold & Brownsover, Cllr Nooria Sayani, said: “I enjoyed meeting residents of Newbold & Brownsover. They were very friendly and welcoming. I look forward to listening to people’s concerns in these hard times and working together to provide solutions for our community.”

Cllr O’Rourke becomes Mayor of Rugby Borough on 18 May at which point she steps down as leader of the Labour Group of Councillors on RBC. The Labour Group of Councillors will elect a new leader before this date.

Labour made five pledges to 'Renew Rugby Together':

1. Restore pride in our town

2. Protect & improve our environment

3. Improve local health & public services

4. Focus on education and youth engagement

5. Ensure housing is for the community

Admirals and Cawston Ward

CHASE, Lee Martin Liberal Democrats 186

FARLEY, Jenny Green Party 124

RICHARDS, Dean John Conservative 977

ROBINSON, Verity Marie LouiseLabour 1067

Benn Ward

AWOTUNDE, Dapo Conservative 280

BARNETT, Rob Labour 914

DUNNE, Angie Green Party 151

TRIMBLE, Trisha Liberal Democrats 111

Bilton Ward

GLADWIN, Benjamin Green Party 115

MANDER, Colin Labour 555

PARKER, Lisa Anne Conservative 787

PIMM, Stephen Warwick Liberal Democrats 712

Coton and Boughton Ward

BLACKBURN, Edward John Liberal Democrats 127

LOWE, Seb Conservative 813

PERIASAMY, Senthil Labour 909

PULLIN, Jamie Reform UK 64

SANDISON, Roy LeonardGreen Party103

Dunsmore Ward

BENNETT, Jonathan Liberal Democrats 494

COOMBER, Ann Christina Labour 638

FORD, Helen Rebecca Green Party 212

KEELING, John Conservative 1089

Eastlands Ward

Name of Candidate Party Votes

BATES, George Sydney Labour 461

PATRICK, Mark StevenGreen Party 113

SANDISON, Neil JamesLiberal Democrats 894

THOMAS, Heidi Maria Conservative 347

Hillmorton Ward

DOUGLAS, Julie Eleanor Liberal Democrats168

OFFORDILE, JennyLabour 866

RUSSELL, Luke James Conservative 909

STEVENSON, Becca Green Party 105

Leam Valley Ward

GORE, Mark WilliamLabour171

KEELING, Dale Conservative 477

MAWBY, ChrisGreen Party 88

SAXBY-EDWARDS, Victoria Liberal Democrats 94


The council

Elections and voting

Rugby Borough Council election results - 4 May 2023

Local Election Results

The local election votes will be counted on Friday 5 May.

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Rugby Borough Council election results - 4 May 2023

Election results

Admirals and Cawston Ward

Benn Ward

Bilton Ward

Coton and Boughton Ward

Dunsmore Ward

Eastlands Ward

Hillmorton Ward

Leam Valley Ward

New Bilton Ward

Newbold and Brownsover Ward

Paddox Ward

Revel and Binley Woods Ward

Rokeby and Overslade Ward

Wolston and The Lawfords Ward

New Bilton Ward

BROWN, Barbara Labour 717

JOHNSON, Christopher Conservative 298

PICKUP, Maralyn Janet Green Party 84

SANDISON, Claire Louise Liberal Democrats109

Newbold and Brownsover Ward

GOULD, Ginny Conservative 498

SAYANI, Nooria Labour 777

SUMMERS, Mark Andrew Green Party 132

TRIMBLE, Hugh Dunlop Liberal Democrats 108

Paddox Ward

BEGGS, Bob Green Party 107

LEATHLEY, Bella Conservative 360

MAWBY, Chris Labour 363

ROODHOUSE, Jerry Liberal Democrats 1197

Revel and Binley Woods Ward

FEENEY, Sarah Yvonne Elizabeth Labour 502

MORAN, James Robert Liberal Democrats 87

TIMMS, Heather Mary Conservative 1126

WARD, Stephen GeorgeGreen Party 119

Rokeby and Overslade Ward

ADKINS, Louise Ann Conservative 397

CROWLEY, Kate Green Party 115

LEE, Chris Labour 356

McKENZIE, Isabelle Anne Liberal Democrats1180

Wolston and The Lawfords Ward

BIRCH, John Edward Reform UK92

BROWN, Kieren Richard George Labour 616

POOLE, Derek Conservative 902

SUMMERS, Lesley Karen Green Party 200

TAFAZZAL, HossainLiberal Democrats 85