Ashlawn principal praises staff and students after strong set of A-Level results

Students from Ashlawn School are celebrating today after securing a fantastic set of results

Thomas Godbehere and Tarun Dosanjh.
Thomas Godbehere and Tarun Dosanjh.

At the end of what has been an extraordinary year, the vast majority of students opened results today that really reflected their efforts and commitment during their time at school.

Michael Grubb, for example, is expected to have secured results that are among the very best in the country after he secured 3 A*s and a Distinction * in Maths, Physics, Further Maths and Engineering.

He will be heading to the University of Southampton to study Aerospace Engineering.

Mia Campbell.

Michael said: “I am speechless. While I think these are the grades I was predicted, it is still amazing to see the results on paper.

“The teachers at Ashlawn have been incredible. I couldn’t have done all that I could if it wasn’t for them.”

Mia Campbell, who secured a host of A*s and As, will be joining her sister at St Catherine’s College, Oxford to study geography.

“Today is really strange feeling. I am so happy with my grades, but it does feel strange to receive them after not actually taking the exams. That being said, I have loved my seven years here. Thank you to everyone!”

Michael Grubb.

Linguistic students will be travelling to across the globe over the course of their language degrees, with possible destinations including Paris and Tokyo

Tarun Dosanjh, who secured As and Bs in German, Maths and Psychology, said; “I am absolutely delighted with my grades.

“They mean I can go off to Liverpool University to study German and Chinese. I originally thought I might just do German, but things were going well, so I thought that I should ‘go big, or go home’ and added Chinese to my degree. I will now get to spend part of my degree in Shanghai.”

Thomas Godbehere, who secured an A*, 2 As and a B, will be heading off to Warwick to study French with Japanese.

Siobhan Evans, principal, said: “While we are genuinely delighted that so many of our students have secured places at leading universities and colleges, we also acknowledge that there are some students who didn’t get the grades that we think they deserve.

“We will be supporting them, but, overall, this group of students should be incredibly proud. Not just with what they have achieved, but how they have achieved it in the face of so much uncertainty. They are a remarkable group of people.”

“I would also like to applaud our staff. We have all had sleepless nights over how our predicted results would be interpreted by the Government, so it is heartening that there were so many smiling faces.”

“Thank you to you all.”