Ashlawn School creates memorial tree to remember those lost during the pandemic

Pupils and staff can leave a message on the painting to mark memories of loved ones

The Memorial Tree.

The art department and the pastoral team at Rugby s Ashlawn School have worked together to create a memorial tree in the canteen to help staff and pupils remember loved ones lost during the pandemic.

Creating the memorial is part of the school's efforts to support those who may have lost a loved one, with targeted support and wellbeing activities also being conducted.

Siobhan Evans, Ashlawn's principal, said: “The past year has been an incredibly challenging time for us all for so many reasons, but the greatest sadness is the tragic loss of so many lives.

“As a school community, we wanted to find a way to treasure the memories of the people who have sadly been taken from us, particularly for pupils and staff who have lost people close to them.

“Our memorial is just one small way for us to remember them and to support one another over the coming months."

A spokesperson for the school said: "For those that have lost a loved one, whether it is family, friends, neighbours or other people that were close to them, the memorial offers a chance to create a message of remembrance that will appear as a leaf on the Memorial Tree."