Kineton Primary fitness programme inspires pupil to swap out PlayStation for running and football

A new fitness programme at Kineton Primary School has inspired a 10-year-old pupil to make some lifestyle changes including swapping out his PlayStation for running and football.

Ethan and Kineton Primary teacher Mr Dean Sanderson
Ethan and Kineton Primary teacher Mr Dean Sanderson

Ethan Seshie, a year 6 pupil at Kineton Primary, felt moved to make changes in his life after watching his teacher, Mr Dean Sanderson, take up running and start a school fitness programme called Marathon Kids.

Mr Sanderson, who has lost 7 stone this year and ran the Birmingham Half-Marathon earlier this month, started the Marathon Kids walking programme in the summer term of last school year.

The Marathon Kids programme involves each pupil walking around the perimeter of the school and after completing 64 laps, the equivalent of a marathon (26.3 miles), certificates are issued to pupils.

Ethan and Mr Sanderson after having just finished the Cross Country running club after school

When a pupil completes the equivalent of a marathon they receive a certificate at the school's weekly merit assembly on a Friday.

Ethan said: “I'm just about to finish my third marathon.

"I thought I could actually make some lifestyle changes. It's something better to do than play on my PS4."

The Marathon Kids programme takes place everyday during a 20-minute period after the school lunch.

Mr Sanderson added: “All the staff take part too. There's a couple of staff who've lost stones in weight.

“My aim was to get everybody fit and and healthy. Leading by example that's what it is really.”

Mr Sanderson also recently started the school's free cross country running club, which has around 60 pupils actively running laps around the school after school on a Wednesday.

Ethan not only walks and runs (depending on weather) in the Marathon Kids programme he's also member of the Cross Country Club.

Ethan added: “I didn't do that much running. I've joined the Kineton football team. We've even bought some exercise equipment at home – a sort of mini gym with weights and a bike.”

The new get fit programmes at Kineton Primary School even led Ethan to write a letter into the BBC sharing its impact on his life.

Ethan said in the letter: "Personally, it has inspired me to make some changes. For example, when I got home from school, I used to go straight to my PS4. Now, I act like it doesn’t exist, and I am trying to get more active and fit."

The BBC responded by sending a film crew to the school who interviewed Ethan and Mr Sanderson on Wednesday October 23 for the evening news programme on BBC Midlands Today.