Meet the new head boy and girl at Rugby's Avon Valley

Josh Goodman and Courtney Williams have taken up roles

Courtney and Josh.
Courtney and Josh.

Year 11 students Josh Goodman and Courtney Williams have now taken up their roles.

During the summer term Avon Valley School students wishing to apply for one of the school’s student leadership positions where asked to complete an application form.

Those shortlisted listed for the positions were invited to attend an interview with the headteacher and their house’s achievement leader.

The candidates recorded a short video to promote their applications and students in all year groups had the opportunity to vote for who they thought would be the best candidate for the position.

More than 20 students applied for the positions and completed the application process

Following the process, it was down to the school’s headteacher, Alison Davies.

She said: “I am always impressed with the students who put themselves forward for these student leadership roles.

"This year was no exception. All the students gave a good account of themselves and deciding who to appoint was a difficult decision.”

Ms Davies, added: “I look forward to working with Josh, Courtney and the other senior students

throughout this academic year.”