Rugby's Houlton pupils visit Science Museum to learn about their school's unique history

Pupils at the museum.Pupils at the museum.
Pupils at the museum.
Pupils and staff from Rugby’s Houlton School took a special trip to the Science Museum to find out more about their school's unique history.

The focus was to visit the iconic Rugby Tuning Coil, which now sits proudly on display in the Science Museum's Information Age Gallery, but was once at Houlton School's campus during its time as Rugby Radio Station.

The Rugby Tuning Coil was used to tune antenna to the right frequency at Rugby Radio Station.

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When it began its service in 1926, the Tuning Coil transmitted "British Official Wireless News Messages" across the Empire and to ships.

At that time, it was at the centre of the most powerful radio transmitter, allowing the UK to communicate worldwide.

It also played a vital role in British communications during World War Two and throughout the Cold War.

Chloe Buckenham, vice principal, said: “It really was extra special that our first whole-school trip was to visit such an important part of our school's history."