Schoolgirl battles physical and mental health problems to be crowned new Junior Miss Rugby

A teenage girl who is plaged with physical and mental health problems has been crowned the new Junior Miss Rugby.

Kendra is Junior Miss Rugby 2022.
Kendra is Junior Miss Rugby 2022.

Kendra Brady, 13, is autistic, has migraines, memory problems, nosebleeds and blackouts.

She also has an impacted bowel and frequent bouts of feeling very unwell and in pain.

Kendra has had her fair share of online abuse and bullying.

Kendra with mum Louise.

But she will not let them win.

Her mother, Louise, said bullies have made her daughter’s life hell.

Louise said: “Kendra is a beautiful and amazing girl, but she thinks she’s obese and ugly because of bullies.

"They have set up a tiktok group about her and we reported it to the police, but it was hard for them to trace the culprits.

Gifted with animals - Kendra with the family support dog who recently died.

"The police are overwhelmed, but this goes back to the bullies’ parents. They aren’t dealing with their children propertly, otherwise they wouldn’t behave like this.”

Kendra, who modelled for an invisitble illness calendar to raise money for charity, was crowned by competition organiser Diane Slater at the weekend.

"I was thrilled for her,” added Louise.

"It’s just the boost she needed.”

Louise, who has disabilities including fibromyalgia, chronic daily migraine syndrome and complex PTSD, volunteers for an animal rescue with her daughter.

"She’s very gifted with animals,” the mother added.

Kendra said being crowned will help her continue her charity and community work for hidden disabilities.

"I’m so happy and overwhelmed,” she said.

"It has been really hard dealing with autism and my illnesses with bullies who target me because of them."

Kendra added: “I refuse to be like them though because all bullies are cowards.”

Competition organiser Diane Slater, said: “Kendra Brady was awarded the crown to acknowledge her community work and highlighting hidden disabilities.

"Kendra is on the autistic spectrum and gets really bullied, but this doesn't stop her from fighting for people to understand her disability and others like her.

“This young lady has a big heart and shows others what being kind means.”

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