Gifts to say thank you to 15 hard-working nurses at a Rugby care home

Residents and staff at a Rugby care home presented 15 nurses with an array of gifts to mark International Nurses Day.
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The special day is held each year on May 12 – coinciding with the birthday of Florence Nightingale – and marks a time to celebrate nurses and care staff around the world.

Residents and staff at Overslade House care home in Rugby were happy to get involved by creating bouquets of yellow friendship Roses to give to all 15 nurses at the home.

The hard-working nurses also received chocolate favours and head chef Joanne Kolat-Furca baked them a cake.

Violeta Baesu, general manager at the home, said: “At Overslade House Care Home, our nurses and staff are hard-working, dedicated, and passionate about caring for others, and that compassion and commitment has shone through even more over the past year.

"They continue to work tirelessly, and I’m proud of the professionalism and duty of care they uphold.

"All their efforts are focused on delivering the best possible care for our residents, so it’s nice to take this time to show our appreciation in return.

"It is also lovely to celebrate our residents who were nurses themselves and thank them for all the hard work they did during their careers.”

In 2022, the International Council of Nurses is seeking to focus on the need to protect, support and invest in the nursing profession to strengthen health systems around the world.

A spokesperson for the care home added: “International Nurses Day is a day to give thanks for the dedication of care givers everywhere, who go above and beyond the call of duty.”

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