Leamington doctor and medical colleagues launch website to help people 'use the NHS better'

It is also designed to teach prospective staff about the service

Dr Andrew Stein.
Dr Andrew Stein.

A Leamington doctor and six of his medical colleagues have launched a national website to help people to improve their access to the NHS and to teach prospective staff about the service.

Dr Andy Stein, a consultant nephrologist at University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire, said the MyHSN (My Health Service Navigator) website has two purposes.

One is to help people to improve their access to NHS care by providing them with hundreds of useful tips.

The other is to teach A-level students, who are considering a career in the NHS, about how the service works.

Dr Stein said: "As well as being a doctor I also like to write books and create websites.

"A few of us wrote a book for students called Understanding the NHS which will be published in April and this website is off the strength of that.

"There's also the section which helps other members of the public to get the most out of the NHS care and services available to them.

"We also welcome any questions people might want to ask us about the service "

Dr Stein said he and his colleagues, who founded and/or are contributing to the website, hope the it complements the 'very good' NHS website and mobile app and 'fills in any gaps' in help and information for users.

The site is free to use and has no adverts on it at present.