Resident launches petition calling on WMAS to keep ambulance based at Rugby's St Cross

Rugbeians have been left furious by the plans

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A resident has launched a petition calling on West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS) to scrap a plan to remove the last ambulance stationed at Rugby' s St Cross.

Yesterday the Advertiser spoke with several sources who revealed that the West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS) plans to move the final ambulance stationed at Rugby's St Cross to Coventry in October.

The sources said they were gravely concerned and when one was asked if people would die because of the decision - they said yes.

The Advertiser approached WMAS for comment, and a spokesperson strongly denied that the plans would impact on patient safety. You can read the full story by clicking here.Rugbeians have reacted to the news with fury, posting many comments on the Advertiser's page to condemn the plans.

And today, September 7, resident Alison Livesay created a petition, calling on WMAS to 'think again'.

She wrote: "Rugby is a rapidly expanding town and my family has direct experience of long waiting times in an emergency for the ambulance to arrive.

"With the removal of that ambulance the waiting times for people in this town will get worse and the risk is someone will needlessly lose their life.

"We want the WMAS to stop this plan and think again.

"We want to be consulted on changes because we, the residents of the town, pay for this service through our taxes.

"We want to ensure there is adequate healthcare for the residents of our town. Our public services are being relentlessly degraded at a time the population is growing.

"Enough is enough."