Rugby mayor joins early risers for ancient Wroth Silver ceremony in Ryton

Ceremony takes place each year on November 11 just before dawn at Knightlow Cross
Rugby Mayor Carolyn Watson-Merret takes part in the ceremony.Rugby Mayor Carolyn Watson-Merret takes part in the ceremony.
Rugby Mayor Carolyn Watson-Merret takes part in the ceremony.

Rugby Mayor Carolyn Watson-Merret took part in an ancient ceremony at first light on Friday.

William Waddilove kindly provided this report for the Rugby Advertiser.

With a forecast of an unusually mild night, but windy and the very faint chance of rain the loyal Wroth Silverers went early to bed in preparation for an early start.

Ceremony-goers gather at first light.Ceremony-goers gather at first light.
Ceremony-goers gather at first light.

Having the historic collection ceremony at first light means that they must not be late.

What we got was a beautiful mild calm morning, dry and pleasant.

A few had already fortified themselves with a glass of rum and hot milk at the Queen’s Head in Bretford beforehand where the bar had opened at 6am to welcome them.

At the stone of Knightlow cross the representatives for the surrounding parishes from the Hundred of Knightlow and beyond were waiting patiently for The Mayor and Mr Sam Rees, the agent representing the Duke of Buccleuch, who was there to collect the dues, to arrive.

And did the parishes give enough money?

Did the Duke’s Agent have to collect the forfeit of a bull with red nose and ears or one pound for every penny not paid?How much was he expecting to collect?

The answer was 46p and yes he did collect it, actually he collected slightly more.

Once all the money had been paid, including the extortionate amount of eleven and a half pence from Harbury all retired to the Queen’s Head for breakfast.

Breakfast eaten, the loyal toast was proposed by the manager of the Queens Head, Filipa Vieira.

Rugby Mayor Carolyn Watson-Merret responded and proposed a toast to his grace the Duke of Buccleuch, Lord of the Manor of the Hundred of Knightlow

Credit was paid to David Eadon attending for his 85th time. He was giving a speech for the 55th time.

His family have been attending for 119 years.

The tradition of having a specially written poem was continued by Barry Patterson.

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