Time for another look back at some old Rugby favourites

We’re back with another wander around Rugby’s streets of the recent past...

Earlier this month we explained how, thanks to the wonders of Google Street View, we couldn’t resist getting distracted and having a look round the main shopping streets as they used to be.

And having shared the results with you, our readers, we got such a good response we didn’t need much persuading to take another look.

As before, many shops and businesses are the same today as they were back then, while yet again we tracked down others that newcomers to the town will know nothing about.

So whether you’ve been in Rugby for three or 63 years, take a look at our new selection – and don’t worry that the oldest are only 14 years old.

We say it again… nostalgia ain’t what it used to be and photos don’t have to be black and white to get us thinking of days gone by.

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