New trail will help visitors find out more about an ancient village near Rugby

The project is in honour of a much-loved historian

One of the history boards.
One of the history boards.

A new history trail in Kilsby celebrates the heritage of the ancient village and is a tribute to a much-loved historian.

A grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund has enabled the installation of nine informative history boards.

A launch event will be held on Sunday, June 20.

One of the history boards.

Local historian, Gren Hatton researched and recorded the history of the village, including archaeological remains and many listed and historic buildings, translating this into a series of nine interpretation boards. The content for these was completed before his death in 2017.

His work has been taken up by local residents and Kilsby Parish Council, in order to realise Gren’s dream.

The money raised has made it possible for Gren’s work to be presented in a way which will enable local people of all ages to discover and appreciate the history of Kilsby.

Visitors to the area will gain a better understanding of the village’s heritage and be able to contribute towards the local economy.

Commenting on the award, Jenny Fisher, chair of the working group for the project, said: "We are thrilled to have received this support, thanks to the National Lottery Players, and are confident the project will give the people of Kilsby pride in the historical heritage of their village."