'The first blast literally lifted us off the floor' - more photos of the devastating damage after bombs landed on Leamington and Kenilworth 80 years ago

Landmines and bombs dropped on residental streets and near the Parade

By Philip Hibble
Tuesday, 17th November 2020, 1:20 pm

Last month we published photos of the devastation caused by World World Two bombs in Leamington in October 1940 - 80 years ago (click here to view the article) .

This month, one again to mark the 80th anniversary, we reflect on the damage done in November 1940.

On November 14, 1940, two landmines were dropped on Kinross Road, Leamington, killing an elderly lady and number 115.

Freda and Harry Goddard, who lived in Kinross Road, described the horrific sequence of events.

The sirens went at 6pm. Freda, cradling her baby son, sheltered under the stairs with an elderly neighbour.

There was no room for Harry so he took refuge under the dining table.

"The first blast came at about half past ten. It literally lifted us off the floor," said Freda.

"It blew the solid oak table right across the room," said Harry.

"You could hear the planes going over and the sound of the pom pom guns off in Leicester Lane.

Fred added: "We sat there numb. It was just as if your breath stopped.

"But the second blast was worse. There was a terrible shudder and we could hear glass breaking. It seemed to go on and on."

A stick of seven bombs spread in a line from York Road to Regent Street damaged shops in the Parade.

In total on that night there were six deaths in the town and one in Lillington.

November also marked terrible loss of life and damage in Kenilworth - click on the links below to read the articles:

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