Revitalise yourself with Mazda

A visit to a Mazda showroom will revitalise even the most jaded driver as the Mazda range provides plenty of excitement, style and performance without sacrificing fuel efficiency and clean emissions. These are things that virtually all motorists need to take into consideration today.

Mazda’s stylish range offers a selection of desirable new models that manage to beat the competition in most areas, cars such as the Mazda3 compact family hatchback and CX-5.

Mazda3 Tamura

It’s a car that may not initially grab your attention but rewards time spent with it. There may be many obvious choices within the family hatch sector, but if you’re bored with the usual fare and would like a car that won’t impose a swingeing financial penalty on wanting to be a little different, the Mazda3 is a smart pick. The latest set of changes don’t change the overall picture too much but serve as a timely reminder that the Mazda3 remains a refreshingly self-assured proposition that doesn’t need to try too hard.

Mazda have imbued the latest car with “more muscular visual appeal” through a subtly revised grille, bumper and rear bumper and updated alloy wheel designs. Inside, the colour palette has been altered and some of the plastics are of a higher quality. Substantial effort has been paid to improving refinement, with added soundproofing and better underbody aerodynamics.


The Mazda3 remains an excellent all-rounder with great specification and low running costs coupled with an asking price below £20k. The more homework you do on this market sector, the more the Mazda3 will appeal, especially if you opt for the superbly-equipped Mazda3 Tamura special limited edition model which comes stacked with plenty of extra features such as attractive 17-inch alloy wheels, a tastefully-designed sports styling kit, leather steering wheel and gearknob, dual-zone climate control air conditioning, electrically heated door mirrors, a trip computer and Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) plus TCS (Traction Control System). Starting at around £15,995 (some dealer prices vary) the Mazda3 Tamura is outstanding value for money.

Mazda CX-5

Mazda’s award winning Mazda CX-5 went on sale in the UK last Spring. It was the first car to be designed, engineered and built using Mazda’s SKYACTIV technology which offers owners an enjoyable and fun driving experience as well as solid environmental credentials.

The range of SKYACTIV technologies allows Mazda to build petrol and diesel cars that deliver class leading low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions without compromising on performance or driving experiences. SKYACTIV significantly reduces the cost of motoring and responds to the environmental needs that are now a key factor in choosing a new car.


Equipped with its SKYACTIV powerplant, the CX-5 has been a big hit for Mazda as it delivers understated style, excellent packaging, high equipment levels and very competitive pricing. What’s more its SKYACTIVE engine offers outstanding economy and those all-important low CO2 emissions figures.

Predictably, the higher-powered 2.2-litre twin-turbo diesel is the star performer. With one small and one large turbocharger working sequentially, it supplements its 173bhp with 310lb ft of torque, hauling lustily from low revs to deliver the sort of instant on-tap urge - massaged by the responsive six-speed auto - that removes the stress from overtaking.

The chassis has some impressive moves, too, in some respects feeling more like it belongs to a well-sorted family hatch than a high-riding SUV. There’s plenty of grip, a pleasing reluctance to run wide when negotiating tight bends and tautly controlled body movements. The suspension system is refreshingly straightforward - MacPherson struts up front, multilink at the rear and passive dampers - with none of the ‘adaptive’ electronics found on some rivals. The ride is on the firm side but, even rolling on 19-inch alloys, never uncomfortable.

If isn’t quite the best drive in a highly competitive sector, it’s very close and has everything it needs to be the best all-rounder.