Free ways to enjoy the bank holiday

A  family walks in a summer fieldA  family walks in a summer field
A family walks in a summer field
With the summer Bank holiday fast approaching, Brits are being provided with ten free activities to enjoy with the family.

The frugal team at have explored free activities for the family to get involved in to keep the kids entertained and keep extra cash in the pocket.

As prices rise across the country, many families are looking for inexpensive ways to enjoy the outdoors during some well-deserved time off.

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There are plenty of free activities to get involved in on the bank holiday, from a group trip to the museum, to a family photography expedition.

Rebecca Bebbington, online consumer expert from said: “We know many parents are struggling to pay for activities during the summer holidays, so we wanted to provide free ways for everyone to enjoy the sunshine together.

“With the rising cost-of-living, we wanted to find free ways for families to enjoy the upcoming bank holiday without burning a hole in their pocket.

“From exploring different monuments across the county, to having a picnic in the park, we’ve found many ways for people to appreciate the day off.”

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Here are’s top 10 free ways to enjoy the bank holiday:

Photography challengeBefore you head out, create a list of places you want everyone to take photos of and then venture off across your local area to find them. You could even make your own scrapbook to cherish the memories of the fun day out.Lakeside paintingBrush up on your painting skills by taking a trip to the lake. It’s a brilliant way to clear the mind from outside worries, with the result being a beautiful painting which can be displayed around the house.Climb the tallest hill in the cityGear up by getting on the climbing boots and bottles of water, then find out where the tallest hill in your city is located. It’s a great way to get a perfect view of the whole city and a proud achievement to make on the bank holiday.Picnic in the park

This is a British summer classic to venture out to the best parks in the county. Try somewhere you’ve never visited before to refresh the picnic trip. An extra tip is to bring homemade leftovers to use as sandwich fillings as a further way to save cash.

Crab hunting

It’s not about splashing the cash at the arcade or spending the extra pennies on candy floss, but it’s about finding fun free activities for the whole family to get involved in at the seaside. Look around rock pools to see if any crabs are lurking and compete to see who can spot the largest one.

Visit the local museum

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With hundreds of free museums available to visit across the UK, there are plenty of fascinating history lessons to indulge yourself into on the day off.

Create a town checklist

It’s a creative way to find out more about your local town. Before heading out, research and find out where the local hotspots are and dedicate the day to finding each one before sunset.

Trip to the local farm

Baby goats, cows and clucking chickens are waiting for people to come and visit them. It’s a fun way to bring the kids to cuddle adorable animals and learn all sorts, from how cows are milked to how chickens lay their eggs.Learn a new skill

Create a top three desired skills list before the day and narrow down which one everyone wants to focus on. Whether it’s crafting skills, exploring or even photography – there’s plenty to choose from and gradually become a pro.