Brian Holt reports big increase in house sales

House sales in Leamington and Kenilworth rose dramatically in October – with five times as many exchanges taking place in Kenilworth and a threefold increase in Leamington compared with the same month last year.

October also saw a rise of more than 60 per cent in the number of people looking to move house and adding their names to the mailing list. Valuations rose by 20 per cent in Kenilworth and 16 per cent in Leamington. And gross sales in Leamington were up by 80 per cent.

The autumn has also been a busy time for lettings with the new university terms and companies such as Aston Martin and Jaguar taking on graduate trainees increasing demand for rental properties.

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The rise coincides with the company’s recent rebranding which has seen new look for sale boards springing up over the past few weeks.

The company, founded in 1995, decided to update its familiar red and green image to reflect a combination of its solid old-fashioned standards and service with modern methods and technology.

The new boards are the first of the phased rebrand to hit the streets – with updated shop fronts and a new look website coming soon.

Managing director Brian Holt explained the thinking behind the revamped look.

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He said: “We’re known for our gravitas, in depth knowledge about the areas in which we operate, excellent relationship with buyers and sellers, friendly staff and our doggedness when it comes to dealing with the legal side of holding a chain together. “Our old style signs reflected these old fashioned values, but we thought we needed to reflect our modern approach to marketing and emphasise how we also embrace the digital age while losing none of our traditional values.”

Pictured: Jane Canning, manager of Brian Holt’s Leamington branch, shows off the new for sale signs.