Could you provide a temporary or permanent home in the Warwick district to a dog in need?

Could you provide a temporary or permanent home in Warwickshire to a dog in need?

As part of a new regular column, we will be helping the centre find homes for rescue dogs

Dogs Trust is the UK’s largest dog welfare charity and Dogs Trust Kenilworth is its largest rehoming centre caring for around 180 dogs at any one time.

At the moment, more than 70 of the dogs being cared for at the centre, are ready to find new forever homes. But the team would love to look after more dogs in need by expanding its network of volunteer foster carers.

Volunteer foster carers are provided with everything they need for the dog they are caring for such as food, bedding, toys and treats and the Home from Home team are on hand to provide guidance and advice whenever needed.

Sabrina Holder, co-ordinator of the Home from Home fostering scheme, said: "Some dogs find it difficult to adjust to kennel life so it’s wonderful to have the option for them to go into a temporary home. Of course, the more dogs that we can place in foster, the more dogs overall we can look after as it frees up kennel space at the centre.

"Our foster carers need to be over the age of 18 and we are particularly in need of people who don’t have children or other animals, including dogs, as it makes it much easier to place dogs in homes with less hustle and bustle than young children or other animals might bring!

“Foster carers also need to be within around 45 minutes of the centre so their dog can meet potential new owners. We would love more volunteers to join our team so if people decide they have a dog-shaped hole in their life that they want filling on a temporary basis, please get in touch!”

Contact [email protected] or call 07920 658664 or visit

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