Relive the best moments of Heartbeat without leaving Rugby with this £470k starter pack

The show might have been cancelled years ago - but we put this together after being inspired by a vintage car ad

These could be all yours...

The Advertiser's previous property and lifestyle features proved stratospherically popular - with literally tens of people appearing to enjoy them.

Our previous masterpieces have included a Hyacinth Bucket starter pack (click here) and a £1.4m country home that would be perfect for Bridgeton fans - click here.But this week, inspired by the discovery of a glorious ex-police Morris Minor for sale in Rugby, the Advertiser is excited to bring you a £478,395 Heartbeat starter pack.

The car: Ex-police Morris Minor

The Morris 1000.

First is the transport - and for this we found a brilliant 1969 Morris Minor, a veteran of the Met Police and still displaying her fantastic livery.

Patrolling Rugby's roads on the lookout for Greengrass would be breeze in this piece of motoring history, with the Moggie noted for its agility and engaging steering.

Those questioning the ability of the half-century-old car to catch miscreants can be assured that this Moggie is one of the later 1000s - fitted with the 948cc A-series engine - giving a top speed of 75mph and a scorching 0-60 time of 31.3 seconds.

This particular example, on sale just outside Rugby for £3,395, is in fair condition with lots of potential.

The main lounge, full of exposed timber framing.

It has been in storage since 2008, with some restoration work already undertaken - but the old girl will need a little more mechanical and cosmetic work before she's fit to serve.

Click here to view the full advert.

The house: Three-bed Grade II listed cottage

Finding a cottage that closely resembles the dark stone buildings of Aidensfield proved impossible.

Part of the cottage's beautiful garden.

Historically, builders would use the materials available to them - and in our area this would have been a mix of lighter-coloured stone and timber.

But we have found a worthy substitute in this beautiful Kilsby cottage, which is made from a mixture of stone, cob and timber framing.

It also boasts a partially-thatched roof and, don't worry, there is plenty of off-road space to park the Moggie, with a garage that will give you enough space to keep her in top condition.

The house is a perfect compromise between modern comfort and traditional beauty, with a modern kitchen and bathroom combined with characterful bedrooms and a lounge packed full of exposed timber framing.

The bedrooms are full of character.

The garden is beautifully landscaped, with an array of flowers that would be the envy of any participants in the Aidensfield Gardening Competition.

The house is marketed by Campbells of Northamptonshire and is on sale for £475,000. Click here to see the full advert.