Tara & Co employs new technology to cut stress

Estate agent Tara & Co, is one of the first in the country to pilot pioneering technology, which is set to dramatically reduce paperwork and the stress of selling and letting property.

The innovative technology allows Tara & Co to upload property information and images from a tablet instantly to its website, even when agents are out of the office, so property-seekers can view it in moments.

The time-consuming paperwork and form-filling which is typical when letting or selling a property has been significantly reduced, and it is even possible to sign e-agreements and contracts on the spot.

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Developed by PropCo, the software is set to revolutionise the property conveyance industry.

David French, property and marketing manager at Tara & Co, said: “We are excited to be the first to use this new technology, which effectively means properties can be offered for sale or even purchased electronically while on the move.

“In the digital age, property seekers expect to be able to access online information and communicate with agents instantly.

“We want to make processes as stress-free for our customers as possible.

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“The ability to see their property released into the market is enormously satisfying to customers and property-seekers gain from access to more up-to-date information too.”

Mr Sanghera, a professional client of Tara & Co said: “With the new approach to letting assessments being adopted at Tara & Co, myself and other landlords are able to see properties on the market before the agent has even left the house.

“As a current user of Tara & Co’s landlord login online which allows me to log in to my own personal property account, I feel that the combination of Propco Mobile and the existing landlord login, means I can see the process every step of the way, and can rest assured that my properties are on the market swiftly and managed effectively.”

For more information please visit: www.taraandco.com

Pictured: Mr Sanghera a professional client of Tara & Co, utilising the innovative tablet technology.