Multi-talented Jarvis at Kasbah in Coventry

SINGER-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Cosmo Jarvis will perform at the Kasbah in Coventry next month.

Also an actor, director, composer and producer, Cosmo writes songs about topics including alienation and religion.

The 21-year-old already has two albums under his belt and his first single Gay Pirates, a poignant yet rousing story of two men whose forbidden love leads to them being forced to walk the plank, has had more than 300,000 views on Youtube and has been lauded by Stephen Fry and NME magazine.

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Cosmo Jarvis is, as Brian Eno has suggested, a new kind of artist.

His interests and ambitions appear never-ending, and his contradictions - observant yet naive, outspoken yet introspective - are a large part of his appeal.

He said: “I feel like I’m trying to mix this amazing light yellow paint, and I’m damned if I’m going to let anyone come along with a strong red and drip it into my paint bucket and turn my music orange.”

The gig takes place on Friday September 30 from 9.30pm and tickets cost £4.

Call 024 7655 4473 or visit