Dogs Trust Kenilworth has many dogs ready to head off to their forever homes – or foster homes.

These dogs are looking for forever homes in Leamington, Warwick and Kenilworth

Dogs Trust Kenilworth currently has 54 dogs ready to head off to their forever homes – or foster homes.

As the cost of living crisis makes it increasingly difficult for some dog owners to provide for their dogs, Dogs Trust Kenilworth is hoping dog lovers continue to give rescue dogs a second chance, and also come forward to volunteer as foster carers.

Emma-Jane Thomas, Manager at Dogs Trust Kenilworth, said: “The UK is fast heading towards a situation in which, due to the cost of living crisis, we’ll have a surplus of dogs whose owners need to give them up, but a deficit of people who can afford to take on a new dog.

“Local dog lovers have always supported us and continue to do so, not only by adopting our beautiful dogs, but also buying them treats or doing incredible fundraising challenges which help make sure we can give them everything they need whilst they are with us.

“As well as finding our dogs permanent homes, the more foster carers we have, the more dogs we can help, so we are appealing for foster carers. If you have room in your home, and heart, for a dog but aren’t in a position to have a canine companion on a permanent basis, then fostering could be the ideal solution. We cover costs such as food, bedding and vet bills and fosterers are able to give us a great insight into how a dog is at home, which ultimately helps us find them their ideal family.”

To find out about all the dogs at Dogs Trust Kenilworth waiting for forever homes please go to and to find out more about fostering, please go to

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