Scary nights down in the woods with films

A still from The Blair Witch ProjectA still from The Blair Witch Project
A still from The Blair Witch Project
Leamington's Foundry Wood becomes a particularly spooky cinema this weekend when it hosts screenings of two scary films.

Leamington Underground Cinema present immersive and atmospheric outdoor film action with A Fright In Foundry Wood.

First up on Friday May 6 is the classic Blair Witch Project, the film purportedly made from the documentary footage shot by three student filmmakers who disappeared in the woods near Burkittsville, Maryland in 1994.

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To get the audience in the mood, expert guides will be on hand to explain the little-known, occult history of the Foundry Wood site and the dark spirits said to lurk in wood to this day.

Then on Saturday May 7, the visceral onslaught of Neil Marshall’s soldiers-v-werewolves horror/action flick, Dog Soldiers will be screened. On arrival at the perimeter holding area, audience members will be briefed by military personnel who will then escort them safely in teams to the viewing arena, ensuring that no unpleasant lycanthropic episodes take place. The organisers warn that a mysterious presence has recently been noticed in the woods – so stay on the path at all times.

Food and drink will be on sale at both events. Seating will be provided but guests are welcome to bring their own. Tickets cost £12. Doors open at 7.15pm. Visit and to book.

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