Tech Talk: Sandberg Motion Tracking Phone Mount

Ever had that feeling where you walk into a room and feel the eyes of a portrait are following you around?…

Ok, clumsy Scooby Doo intro I know, but here’s something that can track your every move that’s not so spooky!

Danish mobile accessories brand, Sandberg A/S, has launched an intelligent phone mount with motion tracking AI that follows the user in any direction as they move. It’s a great accessory for work, fitness and social media.

The mount provides users with the ability to record or view content or meetings in a more convenient way.

Sandberg Motion Tracking Phone Mount

Featuring a 360-degree tracking rotation, the mount automatically tracks the movement of the user through motion tracking AI to ensure the best view is always given – ideal for those who record content for social media, take part in online fitness classes or do the odd Joe Wicks session, attend online meetings or presentations or simply video call friends and family.

With an embedded and rechargeable battery that provides up to eight hours of use, it provides users with more than enough time to record or stream anything without the need for wires or a power outlet. From taking part in exercise classes in the garden and being able to view instructions easily as the user moves around, to presenting in an online meeting inside, there will be enough battery to cover any activity and it can be used anywhere. With no app needed and a universal fit for phones between 4cm and 8.5cm, as well as a tripod mount, it is convenient and able to be used by most smartphone owners.

Charging is simple via the supplied USB-C cable with your own phone charger plug. Sandberg provide five years’ warranty and say it is double quality tested.

I found this to be a useful bit of kit and the mount is sturdy enough to support most phones including my heavy duty one with ease and with no delay when compared with a lighter phone.

Speak to friends and family and feel free to walk about as you do so with the Sandberg Motion Tracking Phone Mount

It also allows you to mount your phone either upright or horizontally and, with my phone having some buttons located in a central position, the device’s wide base allowed me to clamp my mobile off-centre with no loss of balance.

The Sandberg Motion Tracking Phone Mount is available from Sandberg for £64.99 but, at the time of writing, is on offer with Amazon for £46.31 with free delivery if you’re quick.

What’s In The Box?

Sandberg Motion Tracking Phone Mount

The Sandberg Motion Tracking Phone Mount will follow you as you exercise around the room.

USB-C Charging cable

Instruction leaflet

The Sandberg Motion Tracking Phone Mount allows you to attach your mobile vertically as well as horizontally